11ĥͷֱ߻11Spindle glass polishing machineBSK11-45°

Ʒͺţ11ĥͷֱ߻11Spindle glass polishing machineBSK11-45°    





The machine is designed for grinding/polishing bottom edge and 45 degree miter edge of flat glass. Five wheels work the bottom edge and four wheels work the frount arris, two wheels work the back arris,and the whole process of the glass is at one time. Conveyor adopts chain transmitting system which consisting of special stretchy rubber pad. Timing belt transfer glass. Main conveyor working speed can be adjusted through frequence conversion and the speed with digital display. Electrically adjusting the glass thickness and the glass thickness is with digital display.The machine has the characteristic of smooth and steady movement. 

The model BSK11-45P adopts wool grinding wheels for polishing.

The Model BSK11-45C is designed with PLC control.

 Technical parameters                


ĥٶworking speed: 0.6-6.0m/min

СߴMin. glass size: 80mm80mm3mm

Glass thickness: 3-20mm
ܹTotal power: 26.3kw
γߴTotal dimension: 7.5X1X2.6m

Total weight: 3600kg

 ĥֲַWheels distribution                



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